My name is Daniel and I am just your average Joe. A happily married man to a beautiful and amazing woman, and with an energetic tri-coloured short haired border collie. I work to support my family, I volunteer full time, but with it all I ensure that I make the time to travel and have an opportunity to travel the world.



I was born in Bogota, Colombia. From an early age my parents would take us travelling around the country, specially to the beaches of Colombia. This created a desire to travel more and get to know this beautiful world we live in. When I was 9 we left Colombia to move to the North – Canada. This beautiful and vast country is the place I now call home.


I have had the privilege to visit 35 countries and some of them more than once. 25 of those countries have been with my wife. I have travelled across the States, and travelled most of Canada. It has marked my life and created a unique lesson that I would have never been able to learn in school.

I live life to the fullest, enjoying every moment, every single food, everything single landscape. I truly enjoy photography, and every single picture you will find on my site it has been taken by me.


The truth is that I do not get paid to travel, or I have no endorsements, and in no way I am seeking that. Rather, I am seeking to help people see that it is possible to enjoy and travel while you live a busy life. I much like you have to safe, and plan to see if I can go on a vacation. I do have the struggles to pay bills, to find work, and to manage a regular everyday life. But if you stick around, you will see that it is possible to enjoy a nice vacation!