Tired of coming home from Vacation – Vacation is now home.

Uvita Beach – Puntarenas

So we have decided to do an extended stay in Costa Rica. Why? Well… for a simpler life. We are full time volunteers and what better place to let your money go further while still travelling! When we analyzed where it would be better, we searched different countries. Bolivia was an option, but to be honest life is cheap, there is no lie about that, but what is truly there to see? I guess the salt desert, but you can only get so much of that. Then we also looked into Mexico. Great food. Great views. Great people. Cheap. Simple choice! But wait , what about safety? That played a big role. We wanted a place that was safe. And then we found Costa Rica. This place fits all our needs and it was somewhere I had never been before. But now I have. This country is vast in biodiversity, it actually has 5% of the world’s biodiversity. (Check out https://www.anywhere.com/flora-fauna for more information on the variety!)

We work online so we are really able to go anywhere and still sustain our travels. (Stay tuned for some tips as to what you can do to work online in a future blog, so you too can travel like Average Joe Traveller!) So we found a place where we wanted as our home base, in the mountains. A small town outside of Perez Zeledon – General Viejo.

A view of the Valley in Perez Zeledon

This area is a beautiful mountainous region known for its coffee plantations. It is absolutely stunning, and while temperatures during the summer (December – February) can be very hot, in General Viejo is not as warm as Perez can be. 

First impressions…

Tico’s as they are called are wonderful warm loving people. They truly are “Pura Vida” – an expression used to greet, say goodbye, respond, literally for anything, because it means Pure Life – Or better stated; enjoy life. They get the most of life. Whether they are working, driving, sitting, eating, drinking, whatever it is… they get the most of life and enjoy the moments. Isn’t that such a different pace of life from what we are used to in North America?

Costa Rica is a very safe country, and yes, just like any country it has its robberies, crime, and danger. But overall for a Central American country, we feel very safe. Please remember I was born in Colombia, and I can’t say the same about that. But here, I feel safe, and notice how people treat each other, nonetheless we are still careful and on the watch all the time. 

Another beautiful factor of Costa Rica is that you can drink water right out the tap. Not just where we are, but the whole country. Imagine that for a moment. Not having to fear if you can drink water from the tap. Not having to worry about going to a restaurant and being worried whether the veggies were cleaned with boiled water. Not worrying about having a shower and water getting into your mouth. None of that. Simply turn the water, place a cup, and drink away. Astonishing. 

Nauyaca Waterfalls

Want to know how much a hotel can be? Where to go? How much life costs? The real reasons why you read this blog – to travel like an average person and not like the glamorous bloggers out there. Well you will have to check soon. As for now I have introduced to you one of the most beautiful countries I have been to in regards to Nature. I will have blogs on beaches, waterfalls, hikes, roads, food, and everything else you are wondering. 

Want to keep up with me? Follow my blog, and you too can travel like me. Average, without the luxury and the huge debt and dent on the wallet.


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