It all started in Nicaragua.

It all started in Nicaragua.

I was 17 when my brother asked me to join him in a business trip to Nicaragua. For one – I had never gone on a ‘business trip’ and second, I had never to that point been to Central America. Oh boy was I in for an amazing surprise!

We flew together with a central American airline named Taca. To be quite honest, I am not even sure if they still fly, I mean I could look it up right now, but then I might lose my train of thought. So we fly with Taca for an amazing price, and make our Flight from Toronto to Managua, the Capital City of Nicaragua. The view is absolutely astonishing, and I am just mesmerized by what I see.


See, even though I was born in Colombia, and I did travel around the country, I had not seen something like this in my adult life. As well as for some reason, Colombian’s think that our country is the only pretty country that exists. But this trip and the beginning of this, was about to change my thoughts.

We arrived in Managua – The capital city of Nicaragua. I had never… and I mean never… not even the humid summers of Ontario could compare to the humidity of Managua. I was wearing jeans and a polo, and after a few minutes I felt like I was just wearing a tight body suit. It must have been 40 degrees (C) but it felt like 100.

We had booked a small hotel that we found online. Something that came out to be like 25$CAD a night. You know what? It turned out to be great. Exactly what two brothers needed. It had two beds, TV with cable (super old TV) but it was great. We could even watch ESPN en Español! So it served its purpose. Something interesting was the fact that it had random birds.


After staying in Managua for two days, we got ourselves a car, for a very small fee of about 10$CAD a day and travelled around the country. It does help to speak Spanish. But no matter where you are you will find foreigners. Mind you – This was all in 2007, the world has changed a lot since that time, so things may possibly be worse now than they were then. Anyways – We travelled to Granada. This is a place YOU HAVE TO visit. Granada is a beautiful town, with colonial buildings and lots to see and eat. It has so much character and it feels like a typical town. Near there, you can take tours to the islands, heck, you can even stop and see real state and see if you can buy your own island to build your dream home all under 250K CAD. This was a beautiful place. A place I would go back to. Maybe it was the place, or it could have been the nice memories I created with my brother. We found ourselves another really cheap and nice hotel and were able to travel, travel like an average Joe. Nothing spectacular, but no hostels either.

One area that we enjoyed was the wildlife. And remember how I said that it was a business trip? Well essentially it was exactly for that reason. We were going to see a contact for my brother’s exotic pet business (which he no longer owns). We saw basilisks, red eyed tree frogs, fish, tons of birds, and endless others.

In the end – This trip gifted me the opportunity to see how other places in the world live. To see that my little bubble I live in Canada is not how the real world is. People suffer, people struggle to make ends meat with just what they have, but yet they are happy. They are hospitable. A country that may not count with a ton of resources, but is rich in beauty, its rich in delicious food. Fresh food. Fish right from its oceans. I thank my time that I spent here, enjoying the markets, and the views. But all in all, I was only 17. As I stated… this was just the beginning of exciting new travels. All through savings, and not living or travelling in glamorous ways.

Stick around for more stories from more travels, please feel free to leave your comments!

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